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Hailing from Germany, Mobotix make some of the most technologically advanced and robust IP cameras available today.

Designed from the ground up for resiliency, Mobotix cameras contain no moving parts and are fully IP rated, with some higher end devices being IP68 rated for use in highly explosive environments!

Mobotix champion a decentralised model, each camera is a fully functioning unit, and although can be accessed and managed from a management console, is not reliant on a centralised system. Recordings are stored locally on the devices SD memory and can be continually transferred to not just one NAS, but to multiple NAS’s to provide unparalleled redundancy.

Due to Mobotix devices having no moving parts they do not provide any Pan Tilt Zoom cameras. However, due to ingenious design, Mobotix are able to provide virtual PTZ. Each camera utilises a 6mp sensor and records at 360 degrees. Mobotix’s software allows the viewer to move around the 360 degree image much like the 360 degree videos we’ve been seeing so much of on Facebook. However, unlike the Facebook videos, the Mobotix software also enables the viewer to zoom in and out whilst panning the picture around. The most amazing thing of all is that, as well as being able to do this on recordings, it can also be performed in real-time!

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