A robust and reliable CCTV system is crucial to protecting the security and integrity of your premises.

DataSwift provide a range of CCTV Solution to suit every budget, starting at the low to mid end with the Samsung Techwin range moving through to Mobitix solutions at the hmobotix_logo_istndigher end.

Analogue technology is old and poor quality, with low resolutions and flickering images. DataSwift only supply IP based solutions, allowing you to ditch your old stuttering, flicking analogue system.




IP System provide a number of benefits

  • IP cameras provide much higher quality imaging, 720p and 1080p sensors are standard. Compared to the older 480 line analogue cameras,
    the difference is night and day!
  • IP cameras use standard Ethernet cabling, the same used for computers and VOIP telephone systems. IP systems can utilise existing cabling where appropriate and DataSwift can install new cabling where required.
  • Power can be delivered via POE (Power over Ethernet) negating the need for individual power bricks for cameras. If tied into a UPS (battery backup) solution. Your entire system can be designed to survive site wide power outages!
  • By their very nature, IP systems are remotely accessible


Our engineers can help you at every stage of your CCTV implementation process:

  • Planning the number of cameras required and the optimum locations
  • Specing cameras based on quality and storage requirements
  • Network and Power capacity planning, specing appropriate network switching hardware
  • Installation of Cameras, associated network hardware and Recording backend solution
  • Configuration of backups if required
  • Configuration of secure remote access


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