Since 2001, DataSwift has been involved in the survey, installation, configuration and testing of small and large scale wireless networks.

survey-laptop_small_210_tallDataSwift have the latest survey and diagnostic tools and are able to identify and overcome potential issues in the planning stages of a wireless network project. These tools can also be used to identify the causes of performance or reliability issues on existing wireless networks.

DataSwift use tried and tested hardware manufacturers who provide a range of products specifically designed for a variety of different environments and customer requirements.

20121008012627225_small_175_tallFor high device density environments such as schools and colleges there is only one manufacturer that designs their products to provide stable and reliable wireless access to fifty+ devices in any one location and that’s Ruckus Wireless. Ruckus use a number of patented technologies to increase performance, such as spatial multiplexing, automatic interference mitigation and adaptive antenna technology.

966089d6-66a6-404b-a250-517fd3e9e7b0_2_small_150_tallFor customers requiring a solution for centrally managing a large number of access-points, but without the higher density requirements, DataSwift recommend Ubiquiti’s Unifi Solution. Ideal for clients of all sizes from small wireless hotspots, to large hotels, marinas and corporate deployments, Unifi offers the best value for money of any managed solution.

DataSwift also specialise in Point-to-point links and utilize a number of differing products and technologies depending on client requirement, including point-to-point wireless, microwave and free-space optics (FSO).


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